Sgt’s Derogatory Comments

Before we get into the detail of this complaint, it’s worth noting that this email was one that fed information into the Inspectors letter detailed in this complaint
This email was supposed to be a briefing note from a Sergeant to his Inspector. The main points that I took exception to and complained about were

  • False allegation that I bombarded my local area assembly with emails.
The truth is I sent 7 emails, over 4 months relating to 2 matters. Not a bombardment.
  • Relating to an action that SYP had taken outside my home, I queried the time this took place. Because I referred to my CCTV to check the time, I was referred to as having ‘an unhealthy obsession that was unhelpful’.
The CCTV did show the Sergeant was incorrect, probably why he resorted to try to make me out as unbalanced.
  • I was unable to attend a public meeting at short notice but did send my apologies in advance. The Sergeant makes out in his email to the Inspector that I could not be bothered to attend.
I have the evidence that I sent my apologies ahead of the meeting, this was one of the 7 emails in the 'bombardment' of the local area assembly. What he fails to mention is that I was clearly bothered as the email contained a number of points I was intending to raise at the meeting.
  • Repeatedly refers to me as being bizarre.
Again, simply going on the offensive in my opinion as he knows he's in the wrong.

All of the above information and supporting evidence was communicated in both the complaint and subsequent appeal.


Complaint : Not Upheld, the comments were the opinion of the Sergeant to his Inspector and never intended for my viewing.

Appeal : Not Upheld, the Sergeant made personal observations which were never intended for your perusal.