To record or not to record

That is the question!

I recently made a subject access request to the IPCC and was surprised when I didn’t receive copies of any phone calls I had either made to the IPCC or received from the IPCC.

Having already read an FOI response the IPCC made to Neil Wilby (ref 1005491 7 Aug 15) stating that ALL inbound calls to the IPCC Enquiries line were recorded, I decided to log an FOI to see if the same was true of outbound calls made by IPCC Enquiries (ref 1005551 27 Aug 15).

The response that came back to my FOI confirmed that outbound calls made via a member of staffs ‘normal’ IPCC extension then that call ARE NOT recorded, however any calls made via the member of staffs enquiries line ARE recorded.

This of course prompted a further FOI request (1005577 2 Oct 15) to ask ‘Does the IPCC have a policy in place to say that enquiries staff have to use one line or the other when calling a member of the public or is it totally their choice which one they use’

The extract from the FOI response, signed off by Shameem Akhtar, Head of Contact and Assessment, shows that it is entirely upto the member of the enquiries team whether they want to be recorded or not when calling back a member of the public, which in most cases will be to offer advice on the police complaints system.


As most justice campaigners will advise, when dealing with the police or the IPCC – record all of your calls yourself!