Sgt lies about completing a task.

This complaint centres around an Inspector making promises that evidence in the form of CCTV would be reviewed. He delegated the task to a Sergeant who failed to perform the review but claimed to have done so.

Following a Subject Access Request internal emails show that the Sgt did not review the CCTV and the task was not followed up by the inspector.

A DCI in the Professional Standards Department has since attempted to pass off information from 4 months later as being the actions the Sergeant undertook – I have total documentary evidence this is not the case and submitted this with my appeal.

The appeal process in South Yorkshire Police is handled by somebody else in Professional Standards – a retired DCI of South Yorkshire Police (30 years service) who is now employed in a civilian caseworker role(10 years) so hardly impartial.

There was a second element to this complaint, again this was relating to personal opinion being expressed by a Sergeant to his Inspector.

This element was upheld but with no recommendations.


Complaint regarding CCTV: Not upheld

Complaint regarding personal opinion: Upheld

Appeal regarding CCTV: Not upheld