Intimidation visit by 2 Chief Inspectors from PSD

Following the decision report from Complaint 4, I made a request on the 18th Dec 2013 for a copy of the officers responses and clarification on a number of points in the report. This request was made to DCI Diane Darbyshire(Appropriate Authority) who indicated that DS McGuinness would supply these to me. After chasing this up on the 3rd Jan 2014, I was informed by DCI Darbyshire that DS McGuinness was on leave, back on the 6th Jan 2014 and is the only person who can supply the information.

I didn’t receive this information on the 6th Jan 2014 and as 20 of the 28 days I have to submit my appeal had already elapsed I emailed DCI Darbyshire (copied in Supt Mann) asking when this information would be provided.

On the 7th Jan 2014 at 10:10am, DCI Diane Darbyshire and DCI Mark Foster knocked on my door totally unexpectedly. They introduced themselves, said they had the info I reqeusted and asked if they could come in to discuss my ‘complaints’. I told them it was inconvenient, I was working from home and had prior commitments. They then proceeded to attempt to talk to me on the doorstep
DCI Foster interrupted and told me ‘let us in, you can spare us half hour to discuss it’
Again I told him that I was busy and not to tell me what I can and can’t do on my own doorstep to which he swaggers the response ‘I just have’ – big mistake.

They then brought up the initial complaint from 2012 and the fact that the IPCC had upheld it and started raising voices telling me all investigations have been done correctly. Again I told them it was inconvenient and to leave the information with me. DCI Darbyshire refused to give me the information as I would not let them in. After 5 minutes they eventually left.

I decided to call the 101 number and report this unwanted visit and to report the intimidating behaviour they had exhibited towards me. I explained the background and made clear on the call that this must not be passed to the PSD dept as it involved two of their DCI’s. I was told it would go to my local Sergeant, again I explained this must not happen as the complaint the two DCI’s were here for was relating to this sergeant. The call handler assured me they had recorded my concerns and that they would discuss with their supervisor to get it assigned to a Sergeant in another district.

2 Hours later I took a call from a private number, the caller announcing themselves as Supt Terry Mann Head of Professional Standards. He was calling me as he’d been told by the call handlers i’d called in asking him to call me! I calmly explained that this is the exact opposite of what I had asked and that I could not discuss the matter with him. He persisted to attempt to get me to talk to him but I politely refused. 20 minutes after this call, I did receive an email from DCI Darbyshire providing all the information I had requested, clearly the complaint had an effect.

I called in to the 101 number again but everyone who could ‘help’ was on lunch but somebody would call me back within an hour(this at 1:24pm).

At 15:45, conscious that 4pm is probably a shift change, I called 101 again to get an update. I was told that the incident had correctly been recorded, it said do not pass to PSD and do not pass to local district for action, however the incident was sat with PSD. I expressed concern and was told that the call taker would bring this to the Force Incident Managers attention and somebody would call me back.

At 20:20, I still hadn’t heard from anybody so I called 101 again. I was told the incident was still with PSD, in addition it had been tagged for my local inspectors attention(the one who the original complaint was against). I was also told that the comment from 15:45 by the call taker said I was putting the complaint in writing to PSD !

I did submit a 2 part complaint to Chief Constable Crompton at 10pm that evening

I called 101 again the following morning only to be told that the Inc was closed the previous evening at 18:50 by an Acting Inspector with the comment, ‘Didn’t call Mr ***** as Supt Mann was unable to appease him, my call would probably only aggravate matters’

I met with Supt Liz Watson of South Yorkshire Police on the 1st Feb 2014 to give my account of the events of 7th Jan 2014. After explaining the events leading upto the visit by DCIs Darbyshire and Foster I then placed the icing on the cake – the 5 minute CCTV video complete with audio of the DCI’s conduct. Supt Watson took the CCTV evidence away on USB Stick.

The audio confirms everything (and more) that is outlined earlier in this article.

Here is a low-res snap taken from the CCTV.


After four complaints to South Yorkshire Police, here is audio of DCI Diane Darbyshire, Appropriate Authority admitting that South Yorkshire Police don’t understand my complaints !

Not pleasant for our officers, they’ve got other things to do. What do you want ? Tell me what you want ? Clearly we don’t understand ?

The video clip to accompany the audio stream is here

I received a copy of the procad incident under DPA, amazing how much of it is redacted despite me having audio copies of all the conversations.


The complaint was finalised in early April.

Complaint: not upheld & just one lesson learnt, make an appointment before turning up at somebodys home unannounced !