South Yorkshire Police infect my USB memory stick with Malware / Viruses

I provided some CCTV evidence to South Yorkshire Police in Jan 2014 that was copied to a USB memory stick. The memory stick was returned to me at the end of Jun 2014 and when connected to my computer my anti-virus software got very busy picking up a number of virus / malware.


I reported this to PSD who logged this as a formal complaint. A DCI external to PSD was allocated to investigate.

In Nov 2014 the preliminary outcome has been communicated to me and this has found

  • A standalone laptop in the PSD team had come into contact with my USB stick and this laptop was found to contain ‘some malware’
  • A standalone computer in the AVU dept, one of four standalone computers used there, had been in contact with my USB stick and contained a number of different Virus / Malware on it.

South Yorkshire Police have asked if they can amend the track that this complaint is dealt under from Local Investigation to Local Resolution. As there is no officer misconduct involved I have agreed to this.

South Yorkshire Police have offered an apology and will be reviewing their processes.