Supt Mann makes false allegation on record of complaint.

Following my submission of a complaint regarding a USB memory stick entrusted to South Yorkshire Police being returned infected with Virus / Malware, Supt Terry Mann, Head Of PSD, appears to be under the impression that anonymous comments made on a public website can be used as formal allegations against South Yorkshire Police !

Prior to South Yorkshire Police recording the ‘USB incident’ as a formal complaint I had sent three emails to South Yorkshire Police. The first went to the Complaints&Discipline email address CC’ed to DCC Andy Holt and the subsequent two emails went directly to Supt Mann. These two emails are detailed here. As you can see from the emails, at no time in these emails to SYP do I suggest / allege that South Yorkshire police have acted maliciously and intentionally placed virus/malware onto the USB stick with the intention to infect my computer. If anything they are informative and helpful in assisting SYP identify any computers that have been in contact with the infected memory stick.

On the record of complaint provided to me by Supt Mann acting as Appropriate Authority, he states that I have alleged ‘potentially this has been done maliciously to infect his computer’

A formal complaint was sent to DCC Holt in relation to this false allegation recorded by Supt Mann on the 31st July.

After a non-recording appeal to the IPCC, DCC Holt claiming never to have received the email then claiming an ‘Administrative Oversight’ once it was proven he had received them, he decided to claim that I am vexatious and attempting to vex, annoy, worry, embarrass, frustrate and annoy again the head of professional standards for making a false allegation in my name !

Regular readers of this website will be well aware that that my initial bone of contention back in Dec 2012 centered around false allegations made by a local SNT Inspector which were subsequently retracted – seems that SYP learnt absolutely nothing from that farce !