Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt

I have had dealings with DCC Holt on three separate occasions and on each he has managed to make an ‘administrative oversight’.  In my opinion he has seriously mishandled a complaint regarding a number of members of PSD and allowing an appeal to be mishandled.

Case 1
On a complaint that was handled by Local Investigation, he assigned SYP as the appeal body when it should have been the IPCC

Case 2
An email sent to DCC Holt on 31st July, a complaint, was not responded to until 27th August, after the IPCC got in touch with him. This was an 'administrative oversight' according to him.

Case 3
A second email sent to DCC Holt on 31st July, a second complaint. DCC Holt claimed this email was never received. 

I asked Maxine Agar to get in touch with the IT Dept regarding Case 3. She did this and the IT Dept confirmed that both of my emails dated 31st July were in fact received and 'It appears
to have been an oversight on our part, for which I apologise'